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You’ll get access to so many different types of content and instructors all in one place. Think of our crew as the meeting location for all your favorite money people focused on serving the minority community.

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To be featured in our courses, you must have some type of license or certification. We only work with and promote the best.

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Need some flexibility in your learning? Choose the options and resources that fit your needs.

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Still need additional help? Tap into our pro database and find someone who is a good fit for the type of help you need.



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The foundation of building wealth is having a roadmap for what your money should be doing. We have the tools to help you learn how to create a budget that fits your needs.

Investment Basics

The name of the game is making your money work harder. It's not enough to just make a lot of money. You have to make that money work hard and generate passive income for you.

Credit Repair and Use

Learn how to fix your credit and what to do to use credit like the wealthy do. When you know how credit works, you can use it for your favor. Credit doesn't have to be scary.


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“I joined this group shortly after it opened and it has been extremely beneficial for my financial awareness and growth.

The leadership in My Last Dime, is transparent, informative, and easy to listen to as far as how she breaks down different concepts. Her podcasts and post are always centered on educating and creating fruitful conversation.
I am more comfortable, cautious and aware of my financial decisions because of the consistent and great feedback provided by My Last Dime..

Temisan Shebi

“I’m so grateful for the information I’ve been able to learn by being in this Facebook group. A lot of things we aren’t taught in school and Tremaine definitely helps fill that gap with all the free information she provides..”

Tony Stephenson


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Tremaine Wills

Tremaine Wills

It’s a tough spot to be in when you want to serve your community but you are barely keeping your own head above water. I know this feeling all to well. In my twenties, I spent a lot of time volunteering in the community and serving on boards for organizations that always needed financial support.  When it’s down to the wire and there aren’t enough donors, sponsors or fundraising participants, the gap is often filled in by those serving. 

Over time this took a toll on my own personal financial growth goals. I decided that if I really wanted to make a large impact on my community, I had to get my own finances in order and give from the overflow so I didn’t wind up in the same position as the people I was trying to help. 

This is the foundation of My Last Dime. We want to help you plug the hole in your boat and stop the money leaks. If you want to truly transform your circle and community, the change has to start with you. You must be in a position so that when you give, it’s not your very last dime. 

Join us on our mission to make every day a day where you learn another financial tip that pushes you one step closer to your goal.  Fully indulge in all the content that is available. Do the work and reap the benefits. Your family, your friends and your community are waiting for you to be the example of what is possible.

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